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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pics for the last of Argentina

 Well... I think I´m giving up on trying to make the photos fit nicely.  Blogger doesnt really like me moving photos around much and most of the time spent writing the trying to fit the phots.  So I´ll just leave it as they come out.  Above are some animals seen at Iguazu.  Some fish caught in the rivers East of Salta in Argentina.

The little boy above was crying when I met them at Iguazu so I chucked the trusty akubra on his head and the weather dried up!!!  Also above are some valleys north of Cafayate.  BEAUTIFUL!! Iguazu I jumped the rails to chill out near the falls and have a dip, a sanga and a celebratory cigar.  Unfortunately I lasted about 3 mins before I called to return to the boardwalk!  Falls in background...

I pulled into this servo soaking wet and freezing on the way west to Salta.  This old beauty was driven my Canadians all through Central and Sth America (and around the world on other trips).  We shared some details and plans in the cafe were I luft a large puddle on the floor from my clothing...

Sometimes if you time it wait a while to get gasolina!  (If they have it at all)

Part of the main falls at Iguazu!

This was the end of my wet day...I got treated to a dry room!  This is a local hall where they party and here is where the roast pig!!!

At many servos there is no air for tyres...but often a "gomeria" (tyre shop) close by for some air.  These guys hooked me up with a tyre checkup!

Goatin about a round about...

This was the end of my very mentally difficult day (the moto crash, lots of death and other crashes and rain...).  They treated me to pizza and cake for tea and gave breakfast as well!  I only asked to camp on their grass.  

Beautiful scenery in the Cafayate valley!

Camping in the Cafayate valley.

Llama llama llama llama!

Windy dirt roads at just under 5000m...eventually the water trickling down the road turns into ice.  Yesterday I was at 400m.

 San Antonio de los Cobres

The hills near Huarmamarca.  The entire valley here is surrounded with beautifully coloured hills and is declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

 More ass in northern Argentina than you can poke a stick at...
 More hills in the valley.

This was coming into the Huarmamarca valley (its on the way to La Quiaca, the Bolivian border)

Finally changing the tyre I was given to get me a few thou clicks.  Nice to finally have it off the back and on the front...for Bolivian dirt roads!

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  1. That looks like a fun adventure. Traveling all those places in Argentina on a bike will be an amazing experience indeed.